Our Food Practices Could Leave A Global Wasteland

Global Food WasteThe Institution of Mechanical Engineers has issued an assessment of food needs in the light of projected global population growth.

Addressing the issue of wastage, the report  makes for gloomy reading.

The report estimates that fully 30-50% of all food produced never nourishes a human being. That shocking amount of seepage in the growth-to-consumption chain is attributable to profligate practices in production, distribution, and preparation.

Arguably tolerable in developed nations with the luxury of ample resources, such practices devastate the third world where scarcity and need are dominant considerations.

The IME report stratified the world according to stages of development; Fully, Late-stage, and Newly. But that economic diversity among the three groups only means that while the kind of wastage is different, the challenges are not. Societies must all find ways to efficiently provide nourishment for their inhabitants.

Recommendations going forward include finding ways for more effective land, water, and energy usage. And the report goes further, issuing a call for the cooperation of government, science, and industry to strategize now or risk a calamitous future.

Unless basic human biology changes, we all need to be fed. Every calorie of food wasted represents a drop in human potential that the world can little afford.

Download a pdf of the 32-page Global Food Report here.

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