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New York City Community Gardens Inspire Us!

The community gardens movement that Liz Christy started in New York City in 1973 has inspired community garden projects in 22 other cities. The movement reversed a vicious cycle of urban decay, crime-ridden empty lots, neglect, and population flight, while producing food, flowers, and wildlife habitat. At their height in the 1980s, these gardens nourished […]

Beyond “Do No Harm,” Go Eco Positive!

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As TrendWatching reports in a recent look back at its 2011 predictions: “The only real sustainable future will be rooted in products that are not just eco-friendly or even eco-superior, but products or services that are truly ECO POSITIVE: i.e. whose consumption or existence actually benefits the environment and leaves a lasting positive impact. Check […]

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Small Community Gardens Are Ripe for Specialty Foods

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How much gardening is really ¬†happening in urban areas? Researchers at the University of Illinois were skeptical about the lists of urban community gardens acquired from local non-governmental organizations in Chicago. But small residential gardens are quietly growing the international and specialty foods their gardeners crave. Satellites See All, Know All Doctoral candidate John Taylor […]

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Grow, Grow, Grow Your Food

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Arlington, Virginia (just a stone’s throw from the Pentagon) has eight community gardens.¬†“Because of exceedingly high demand for garden plots, particularly in the Metro-accessible area of Arlington, waiting lists for many of the gardens are very long,” says the website. How wonderful that communities across the country are finding ways to help urbanites get wet […]

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