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Coupon Websites Can Lower Food Costs

If you’re looking to lower your food costs, check out OurFoodNews’ collection of coupon websites. The mavens who run these online coupon repositories do the work for you. Daily, they monitor and report on who’s offering discounts on food and household items. To give you a flavor of how these sites work, OurFoodNews lists 13 […]

Is Pizza Nutritious?

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Americans are crazy about pizza. When we checked yesterday, pizza was the number-one food word trending on Google (followed by cake in the number two slot, then chicken, salad, and coffee). Pizza Hut was the top trend in quick-service-restaurant searches, too, with Domino’s and Papa John’s in the third and fourth slots). BUT, Is Pizza […]

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Five Ugly Things We’ve Learned from “Salt Sugar Fat”

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OurFoodNews has been reading Salt, Sugar, Fat by Michael Moss. If you read it carefully, it’s a slow read. But we have to speak out today, even though we’re just half way into this terrific book. Here’s the ugly truth that we’ve learned so far. 1. Anyone interested in the food they eat and why […]

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Oatmeal? Really?

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From a dietary and health standpoint, oatmeal is magic stuff. It’s recommended as the basis for a solid breakfast and beloved by marathoners, diabetics, and cookie makers everywhere. But there is a dark side to this love affair. Oatmeal is just not very sexy. To ramp up the glamor of this humble staple, several manufacturers […]

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Grow, Grow, Grow Your Food

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Arlington, Virginia (just a stone’s throw from the Pentagon) has eight community gardens. “Because of exceedingly high demand for garden plots, particularly in the Metro-accessible area of Arlington, waiting lists for many of the gardens are very long,” says the website. How wonderful that communities across the country are finding ways to help urbanites get wet […]

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Technology is working on a better “eat this food by” warning.

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You’re familiar with package labels that tell you to “eat this food by” [fill in the date]. These expiration dates printed on packaged goods are useful for letting us know the optimal day by which food should be consumed. There is, however, widespread consensus that these instructions are conservative. Items can often be safely eaten […]

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Get More Meals Out of Food You Have

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Here are some easy food waste reduction strategies. 1. Grow your own garlic by saving the four inner cloves of a garlic bulb and planting them in 1/2-inch of dirt. In six months, you’ll have plenty of fresh garlic. Yahoo City 2. Recycle dried bread into breadcrumbs; store for months in airtight jars and add to […]

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Popular Ways To Stop Food Waste At Home

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Our Food News scoured the Internet for food-saving suggestions. Here are some of the recommendations we came across time and time again. 1. Make leftovers part of your weekly (or even monthly) meal plan. The Guardian 2. Go on a mission to use leftovers like a chef; great recipes make food reuse fun and rewarding. […]

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