Coupon Websites Can Lower Food Costs

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If you’re looking to lower your food costs, check out OurFoodNews’ collection of coupon websites. The mavens who run these online coupon repositories do the work for you. Daily, they monitor and report on who’s offering discounts on food and household items.

ReceiptTo give you a flavor of how these sites work, OurFoodNews lists 13 online coupon websites, along with a recent sample post.

Danielle at Mom’s Madhouse ‏ @mommadhouse
Categories: reviews, giveaways, recipes, crafts, family fun, random, rants, free printable, travel, parenting
Comment: Socially conscious, 4,705,322 Facebook “likes”
Sample Post: “Frozen” Activity Book 


Meredith at Suburban Coupon @Suburbancoupon
Based in Chicago
Categories: Giveaways, coupons, freebies, reviews, Disney Love, recipes, great deals, travels
Comment: Original, blog-heavy, smart
Sample Post: Scott Shared Values Program

Amanda at MommyMayWe? ‏ @mothermaywe
Based in North Carolina
Categories: Giveaways, coupons, freebies, work-at-home, musings, crafts, recipes
Comment: Simple, dedicated to price savings
Sample Post: Print new coupons for snickers, salsa, frozen Pizza

Yes We Coupon ‏ @extremecoup
Categories: Coupons database, coupons, learn to coupon, giveaways, hot deals, grocery stories, box and drug stores, amazon deals, free stuff, recipes
Comment: Expansive site, part of an affiliate network
Sample Post: This site has less blogging/writing and more links to coupons, for example.

DebtFreeSpending @DebtFreeSpendin
Categories: Coupons, deals, freebies, stores, finance, sweeps
Comment: Wide-ranging information from a team of bloggers
Sample Post: Lowe’s FREE Build & Grow Clinic

Shopper’s Haul @shoppershaul
Based in Aurora, Illinois
Categories: Earn Money, Hot Deal
Comment: Eye-catching, easy navigation, focuses on $$ in all aspects
Sample Post: Hot Deals, Free Sample from Nivea, Aquaphor, Eucerin

Kat at Generations of Saving @genofsavings
Based in Birmingham, AL
Categories: Children/babies, giveaways, reviews, recipes, weightless, books
Comment: Written and edited by one person, features community memberships
Sample Post: Getting Home with Sunoco Gas Cards and Giveaway

Carrie Loper at Coupon Closet ‏ @couponcloset
Based in Oklahoma City, OK
Categories: Coupons, deals, shop by stores, start saving, recipes
Comment: Focused on food and household items
Sample Post:  7 Ways to Save on Meat without using coupons

Gabel at Growing Up Gabel ‏ @TheGabels
Based in Las Vegas, NV
Categories: Crafts/DIY, food, recipe box, holidays, homemaking, giveaways
Comment: Centered on recipes, homemaking, crafts, etc.
Sample Post: $100 Target Gift Card Giveaway

Eleni from MMSO ‏ @mommysavingcash
Based in Wisconsin
Categories: Frugal living, family fun, survey sites, deals, free, coupons, store deals
Comment: Emphasis on frugality and saving
Sample Post: Cheap cleaning supplies made with products you can usually find around the house

melissasbargain ‏ @melissasbargain
Based in Houston, TX
Categories: Store deals, online shopping, recipes, giveaways, freebies, printable coupons, reviews, weekly features
Comment: “About me” tab not working, so it’s not clear who operates this site, but this one advertises and offers deals on everything.
Sample Post: LEGO Deals starting at $5

Ashley Recio Nuzzo at Frugal Coupon ‏ @frugalcouponmom
Categories: Amazon, freebies, today only, photo, restaurant, online shopping, the holidays
Comment: Part of the Frugal Coupon Living network
Sample Post: Bruegger’s Bagels: 3 FREE Bagels on February 6th

Nina Helleny at According to Nina @accordingtonina
Based in Southern Illinois
Categories: daily diary, entertaining, culinary, gift giving, shopping, product reviews
Comment: Focused on upscale living
Sample Post: The Family dinner Project: Thanks+Giving

Kristy Smith at Adventures of a Couponista @theCouponista
Based in Chicago/Milwaukee environs.
Categories: coupons, store match-ups, DIY, movies, reviews, frugal tips, travel, online steals
Comment: Wide-ranging tips and tactics for wide-ranging needs.
Sample Post: Save 40% on shoes for the whole family. 

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