Food Storage Tips To Save You Money

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Many of the best food storage tips don’t involve fancy plastic containers or other bins you pay for. Not at all. These food storage tips here are cheap, cheap, cheap .. and they could save you hundreds of dollars in wasted food.

courtesy of Squawkfox.comSo here we go!

• Store your onions in panty hose. Drop ’em in, tie knots between each onion, hang ’em up, and use as needed. Onions love cool, dry places with good air circulation, so hanging in panty hose, onions will last for up to eight months.

• Keeps onions in a paper bag punched with holes. How? Get your paper punch, fold a paper bag in half lengthwise, and punch two rows of vertical holes up and down the bag. When you open the bag, you’ll have four perfect rows of holes. Store onions, shallots, and garlic in these bags. The produce will last three months or more.

• Put your candles in the freezer. They’ll burn longer.

• Buy an Ethylene Gas Absorber. These cost about $15 for three and will absorb the ethylene gas that causes fruits and veggies to spoil, extending the fresh period 3 times longer.

• Store green onion bits in a plastic water bottle. Cut up the onions, dry them well, pop them in an empty water bottle, and put the bottle in the freezer. Voila.. quick accessible flavor for months.

• Douse your berries in a 10 parts water, one part vinegar bath. Drain, rinse, and refrigerate. Strawberries will be happy for two weeks.

• Potatoes make onions spoil faster, so keep these apart. On the other hand, apples love potatoes, so store these together and the potatoes will take longer to sprout.

• Too often, expensive cheese dries out before you can use it. Rub a bit of soft butter on the cut-side to keep the cheese moist.

• While you’re at it, never wrap cheese in plastic wrap. Put it in wax paper first, and them pop it into a plastic baggie; store in the warmest part of your fridge.

• Put asparagus stems in water in a glass jar; put a plastic bag over the jar, asparagus, and all; refrigerate. Asparagus stays fresh this way for over a week.

• Store carrots in the fridge, either in a container of water or unwashed in an airtight container.

• Broccoli stalks can be eaten, too. Peel and shred them to make broccoli slaw or cut them and put them into soups.

• Break apart your bananas or wrap the stems in your banana bunch tightly in plastic wrap. This traps the ethylene gas that spoils, so you gain a few extra days of life from your bunch.

• Wrapped in tin foil, celery, broccoli, and lettuce will last four or more weeks in the fridge.

• Do not wash grapes before storing them in the fridge in an airtight container.

• Produce stored in glass mason jars will last days longer than food put in plastic containers.

• Put a capful of vodka in the water in which you display your cut flowers, along with a pinch of sugar.

• Store salsa and marinara sauce in jars upside down in the fridge to prevent mold.

• Line plastic laundry baskets with newspapers; add a layer of potatoes, then put in more newspapers; repeat; store the baskets in a cool place, like an unheated garage or basement.

• After you cut up lettuce, dry it carefully and store it tightly covered with a paper towel to absorb any additional moisture.

• Put your unripe tomatoes stem side down in a paper bag until they turn red. Put ripe tomatoes on the counter at room temperature, away from sunlight, stem up, and not touching.

• Cut butter into tablespoon-sized chunks and store it in an airtight container in the freezer.

• Whip one-quarter stick of your room temperature butter with 1/2 cup of warm water and store it in a container. Fewer calories and greater volume!

• Freeze fresh ginger so you can grate it more easily.

• Store mushrooms in the fridge in a paper bag. Plastic bags trap moisture and make those delicate (and expensive) mushrooms mildew.

• Store your  bread with a stalk of celery. It stay fresh longer!

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