Get More Meals Out of Food You Have

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Here are some easy food waste reduction strategies.

1. Grow your own garlic by saving the four inner cloves of a garlic bulb and planting them in 1/2-inch of dirt. In six months, you’ll have plenty of fresh garlic. Yahoo City

2. Recycle dried bread into breadcrumbs; store for months in airtight jars and add to recipes for a crunchy top. The Telegraph

3. Keep lettuce longer. Wash your lettuce thoroughly, then go outside and swing it around in a pillowcase to get rid of the excess water (and to amuse your neighbors). When you’re done, put it in an airtight container and it will last at least two weeks in your refrigerator. Yahoo City

4. Use wilting vegetables to make soup. The Daily Green

5. Turn your freezer into a fast food restaurant. Make food in big batches and store for quick meals. US News 

6. Master storage techniques. Leftover perishables last longer when stored in smaller quantities and cookies and crackers last longer in glass jars. Yahoo Shine

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