Great Lifestyle Ideas for Over-65 Seniors

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OurFoodNews has a Pinterest Board dedicated to Seniors. We call it Great Ideas for the 65-Plus Crowd and our content focuses on food and lifestyle choices, including simple, inexpensive, from-your-cupboard recipes.

grandpareadingkids1. Inexpensive gift ideas to entertain the grandkids.

2. Affordable ways to make the home more efficient.

3. 16 simple and affordable healing foods (some of the “old-fashioned remedies that many of us have come to rely on, like ginger tea and buckwheat honey).

4. Super easy dishes of fresh vegetables like Mediterranean Cucumber Salad.

5. The quickie “healthy winter tomato soup” made with skim milk and Greek yogurt.

6. A quick-blend smoothie of yogurt, peanut butter, milk, and ice cubes.

7. A reminder that canned salmon may not be “sexy” but it makes a darn good, at-your-fingertips, ultra-cheap fish cake.

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