Popular Ways To Stop Food Waste At Home

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Our Food News scoured the Internet for food-saving suggestions.

Here are some of the recommendations we came across time and time again.

1. Make leftovers part of your weekly (or even monthly) meal plan. The Guardian

2. Go on a mission to use leftovers like a chef; great recipes make food reuse fun and rewarding. Eating Well 

3. Discipline yourself to cook the right amount of “big food,” especially carbs. It’s easy to cook more pasta and rice than we can eat in one sitting. Thinking small will help. Love Food, Hate Waste

4. If you do like to cook in large quantities, freeze what you can, as soon as you can. Love Food, Hate Waste

5. When you’re rushed and tempted to eat prepackaged food, eat breakfast for dinner. iVillage

6. Finally, our personal favorite: Serve food on smaller plates and in smaller portions that everybody at your table can finish (our own personal tip).

And, for those times when you escape from the kitchen to a restaurant buffet, use the following strategy to slim food waste (and your own waist, too!)

7. Go “trayless.” In other words, carry food from the buffet one plate or bowl at a time. You’ll pick up less food and even get some exercise returning for more. Food Recovery Network

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