What Do Food Banks Want? What Can they Accept?

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Short answer… first and foremost, MONEY. It doesn’t spoil, rot, or go to waste.

Also, because food banks have good buying power, they can usually turn a $10 donation into $40 worth of food, including perishable items that are so difficult to collect (see next item).

Second, NON-perishables: baking and cooking supplies (flour, sugar,oil, vanilla), pasta, tuna, peanut butter, canned meats, fruits, vegetables, mac ‘n chess, breakfast cereal, powdered milk, saltine crackers, soups white rice, spaghetti sauce, grape jelly, pork and beans kids’ juice boxes, cereal bars, profiled salt and pepper shakers, fruit juices, rice, powdered milk, baby food, coffee and tea, salad dressings

Third, NON-FOOD items (baby diapers, gift cards, razors and shaving cream, laundry soap, feminine products, shampoo, toothpaste, toilet paper

UNEXPECTED BUT SO WELCOME: prefilled salt and pepper shakers, pet food, microwave popcorn, Quick Oats, catsup and mustard, Pop Tarts, dried soups, cake mixes, Tuna Helper, Ravioli, Pizza Mixes,

IMPORTANT: Small portion sizes are popular, too, for shut-ins and seniors.

Source: Chowhound

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