What’s recyclable? What’s NOT recyclable?

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If you live in a community that recycles and you’re reading OurFoodNews, you’re probably recycling already. But figuring out what’s recyclable and what’s not may be more complicated than you thought.

WhatsRecyclableOurFoodNews took a quick tour around the web to find some great tips on what belongs in the recycle bin and what doesn’t. Read on:

Don’t Throw These Away
Green America listsĀ “10 things you didn’t know you could recycle,” including appliances, athletic shoes, batteries, clothes, compact fluorescent bulbs, computers and electronics, eyeglasses, foam packing, ink/toner cartridges, and cell phones. This great article also tells you who wants these items and how to donate.

Don’t Recycle These
Earth911 has valuable information on what may not be recyclable. For example, brightly colored paper can ruin a whole batch of paper from being recycled; paper coffee cups have a polyethylene plastic coating that may render them useless for recycling; and the thin film in plastic bags can get caught in recycling machinery and shut down an entire recycling operation (these you should take to the grocery stores that offer plastic bag recycling).

Don’t Compost Or Recycle These
Mother Nature Network lists “30 things you should never compost or recycle.” Here are a few surprises: napkins and paper towels may have absorbed liquids that make them a better candidate for the composting pile; plastic-coated boxes and plastic food boxes need recyling marks to be safe; and plastic screw on tops should be disposed of separately from their recyclable bottles.

Check With Your Community Recycling Program
Not every community recycles and even among communities that do recycle trash, not all accept the same items. So do go online and check with your municipal waste management authority.

In the meantime, here’s a terrific little graphic posted in the Park Fairfax (VA) Unit Association’s newsletter. Way to go guys!


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